KloeLove a live girl from Odessa

Her nickname is KloeLove. How did it start, a visit in Odessa and I met her during a walk along the seashore on a Saturday afternoon. She attracted attention with her reddish hair blowing in the wind and was sexy dressed. KloeLove appeared to be from a good family and would begin a new study but was strapped for cash.Odessa

Well I’m not a sugardaddy type, she also can not move so fast without money and I do not want to have sex with her. I said: “girl, I have a better idea”. Let’s make a few photos, invent a name and you will be a live model on xlovecam in my room. The name was KloeLove, an abbreviation of the two names. The showroom of a motor dealer has also helped.


The rest of the photos you can find here and chat with her, she wants to start a study outside the Ukraine.

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