Hecams new cam site for North America

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Among the cheaper mass Chaturbate and exclusive Jasmin was an opening for a new market. This has now been filled by Hecams and direct the good news. All models cost 99ct a minute. For half an hour of good quality with intimate contact you pay only $ 29. The language used is English, but of course everyone is welcome as long as you speak English at Hecams and have a good behaviour.

It takes some how it works, but then we found KatterynaRay, more good news there is no time-out on the chat. KatterynaRay is 19 years old and looks good. She has long dark hair, the blouse slightly open. A tingle goes through us at first glance, so let’s create our free account. This works fast, enter name and password and e-mail-address. Ready in 10 seconds.

There is a Top 100 for members with big prizes and a Top 5 for models that have done well in the past week. We go to the payment possibilities, initially alone credit-cards. Hecams focuses on North America, so this will be no problem. The further options to be worked on.

All in all quite a nice site. For comments please contact.