French lady dancing naked

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A French lady dancing in her room and she is naked. Wide hips, natural looking breasts and shaved. The word shaved of course, refers to her pubic hair. But you’ve already seen it. It seems that she lives close to a cafe. In the background The Eagles, Hotel California. And friends, that is better that the crap music of some younger girls. Maybe you don’t believe it but Francelune is 75 years old.

Fuck it, now she lies down on the bed and starts fingering. Oh dear, grandma. What are you doing? It just might be a former brothel keeper. With all the violence in the French capital she search for safer places to perform. Let’s put it this way, the lady looks like seventy with that hair style and glasses.

We do not believe it .. She also loves Moonshine, the greatest way to forget misery. Thus .. Want to hear her voice? With that lovely French accent speak English. On her personal page even more funny presents. We going further with Norah Jones..