Blonde KatieFoxx from Russia live on cam

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After the blonde Kelly Bundy now again a blonde girl, her name is KatieFoxx. That country together with the Ukraine, the Baltic States and Belarus are the mean supplier of beautiful women. If you have not been there, I highly recommended to visit, especially the Baltic States, EU area.

So much info from the vacation man, to bad this will take another six months. Now you get to know KatieFoxx a 20-year-old blonde beauty from Russia. She has such a beautiful name too remember on Her name sounds also like a real porn name.

She talks a bit and laughs too, tip her and you hear your name. Nice girl, black glasses against recognition, small firm breasts, a pussy to lick and tight and horny for sex. She sits on her bed and listening to house music. She asks with an accent what men want, that’s simple girl.

Would you like to lay her flat and like to fuck that pussy? Her long red nails are a good combo with her red phone. But KatieFoxx look at us instead of the phone, oh she missed the tip. The Omnibod not, which gives a vibration and she starts to moan. Come sit on my lap babe..

After fifteen minutes she lies down, opens her legs and put her fingers in her pussy. But still the phone in your hand!

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